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The philosophy of South Hobart Acupuncture is to combine holistic care with evidence based treatments in order to support you and your ability to heal. The body is a fantastic thing – sometimes it just needs a helping hand to find the right way forward.

All treatments are personalised with an integrative focus on working towards returning you to optimal health. We aim to empower you with knowledge, support and guidance through acupuncture, Chinese medicine, nutritional and lifestyle advice.

We want you to walk out of the clinic feeling better than when you walked in.


Fertility acupuncture services at South Hobart Acupuncture

Whether you are trying to fall pregnant or looking for support during IVF, our treatment programs are especially designed to support you at every step of the way towards a healthy pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Acupuncture | Hobart Acupuncture

Growing a tiny human isn’t easy. Our experienced practitioners can help support you from the two week wait, through all the trimesters and up to the birth of your baby.

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Women's Health Acupuncture | Acupuncture Hobart
Women's Health

Our experienced practitioners in Hobart can support your body through hormonal transitions such as puberty, menstrual issues, perimenopause and menopause using Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

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Acupuncture for General Health | Acupuncture Hobart

Promote optimal health and balance with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and lifestyle advice from our Hobart-based practitioners.

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Injury Acupuncture | Acupuncture Hobart


Promote optimal health and balance with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and lifestyle advice from our Hobart-based practitioners.

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Dermatology Acupuncture | Acupuncture Hobart


Chinese medicine examines skin issues from the inside out and uses integrated treatment therapies to find the root of the issue. Our practitioners are experienced in treating Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema and dermatitis.

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Chinese medicine is a comprehensive health system in which Acupuncture is one part. Acupuncture is the insertion of (very tiny) sterilised needles into certain points on the body to stimulate a specific response. There are over 1,500 acupuncture points (acupoints) on the body and each has its own specific uses and effects.

When an acupuncture needle is inserted the body can respond in a number of ways. Firstly, your muscles can relax. While that is happening, your nervous system can down-regulate – i.e. calm down from a ‘fight-or-flight’ state to ‘rest-and-digest’. Acupuncture can even work to reduce pain signals coming from the brain to an injured area.


By inserting a needle into a specific point (an acu-point), the body’s central nervous system is activated. The effect of a point depends on where it is located and which nerve is being stimulated. People are often surprised when we use the shin to treat your digestion, but low and behold your tummy will start to rumble as soon as we pop in some points along the front of your lower leg!

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine provide a holistic treatment approach. Each person has their own individual ‘pattern’ for their body type and symptoms. By treating this pattern with acupuncture (and herbs if they are needed) the main condition resolves as well as some other unrelated symptoms too!

What this means is that Acupuncture can be beneficial for a number of conditions. If you are curious if Acupuncture and Chinese medicine might be helpful for you, please get in touch.

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